A tale of nature, wildlife and birding from Cheshire, North Wales and across the globe....

A tale of nature, wildlife and birding from Cheshire, North Wales and across the globe....

Trip Reports

TENERIFE - 17th – 22nd April 2017

Our trip to Tenerife involved travelling around both the northern and southern sections of the island, incorporating a range of habitats including Mount Teide, Mirador de La Grimona, Barranco de Ruiz, Charco del Viento and Punta de Teno with specific targets of Tenerife Blue Chaffinch, both Laurel and Bolle’s Pigeons, Atlantic Canary, Barbary Falcon, Plain Swift, Barolo Shearwater and Canary Islands Chiffchaff.  7 lifers and 34 species in total were seen during our 5 days in Tenerife (with us missing out on just the Barolo Shearwaters), covering the 17th April – 22nd April 2017.

Tenerife - Tuesday 18th April 2017 (Day 1 - Las Lajas and Mount Teide)

Tenerife - Wednesday 19th April 2017 (Day 2 - Mirador de La Grimona and Punta de Teno)

Tenerife - Thursday 20th April 2017 (Day 3 - Barranco de Ruiz and Charco del Viento)

Tenerife - Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd April 2017 (Day 4 & 5 - Costa Adeje and Golf Las Americas)

Tenerife Trip Report (17th - 22nd April) - Species List and Locations


MALLORCA - 19th - 21st February 2017

Our trip to Mallorca involved exploring the Northern half of the island around Alcudia and Port de Pollença, incorporating Boquer Valley, Embassament de Cúber and Parc Natural de s'Albufera de Mallorca, with specific targets of Balearic Warbler, Black Vulture, Moustached Warbler and Red-knobbed Coot.  4 lifers and 70 species in total were seen during our 3 days in Mallorca, covering the 19th February – 21st February 2017.

Mallorca - Sunday 19th February 2017 (Day 1 - Boquer Valley & Embassament de Cúber)

Mallorca - Monday 20th February 2017 (Day 2 - Parc Natural de s'Albufera de Mallorca)

Mallorca - Tuesday 21st February 2017 (Day 3 - Boquer Valley)

Mallorca Trip Report (19th - 21st February) - Species List and Locations


FUERTEVENTURA - 24th - 28th October 2016

Our 5 day trip to Fuerteventura involved exploring the northern part of the island, visiting several sites from our base in Corralejo with our main targets being Houbara Bustard, Fuerteventura Chat, Trumpeter Finch, African Blue Tit, Barbary Partridge, Cream-coloured Courser, Berthelot’s Pipit, Ruddy Shelduck and Laughing Dove. 10 lifers and 52 species in total were seen during our 5 days in Fuerteventura, covering the 24th October – 28th October 2016.

Fuerteventura - Monday 24th October 2016 (Day 1 - El Jarde, Vega de Río Palmas & Betancuria)

Fuerteventura - Tuesday 25th October 2016 (Day 2 - Mareta de Fimapaire, El Cotillo & Corralejo Dunes)

Fuerteventura - Wednesday 26th October 2016 (Day 3 - Caleta de Fuste, Barranco de la Torre & El Jarde)

Fuerteventura - Thursday 27th October 2016 (Day 4 - Embalse de los Molinos & Corralejo Dunes)

Fuerteventura Trip Report (24th - 28th October) - Species List and Locations

Fuerteventura - 24th - 28th October 2016

FLORIDA, AMERICA: 28th March - 9th April 2016

Our two week trip to Florida involved travelling in a circuit from Orlando down the east coast to Miami, then over to the Florida Keys, Key West and the Dry Tortugas. From here we headed back up the west coast to Fort Myers and St. Petersburg before travelling back over to Orlando. We timed our trip to coincide with the start of the spring migration period as well as catching the overwintering visitors, with key targets of Swallow-tailed Kite, Florida Scrub Jay, Painted Bunting, Mangrove Cuckoo, Smooth-billed Ani, Snail Kite, Black-whiskered Vireo and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. We also targeted the Manatees at Merritt Island, which was a particular highlight. 86 lifers and 196 species in total were seen during our 13 days in Florida, covering the 28th March - 9th April 2016.

Florida - Monday 28th March 2016 (Day 1 - Orlando)

Florida - Tuesday 29th March 2016 (Day 2 - Merritt Island)

Florida - Wednesday 30th March 2016 (Day 3 - Mead Botanical Garden & Viera Wetlands)

Florida - Thursday 31st March 2016 (Day 4 - Three Lakes WMA)

Florida - Friday 1st April 2016 (Day 5 - Stormwater Treatment Area 5/6 & Miami)

Florida - Saturday 2nd April 2016  (Day 6 - Loxohatchee, Green Cay and Wakodahatchee Wetlands)

Florida - Sunday 3rd April 2016 (Day 7 - Miami, Key West & the Florida Keys)

Florida - Monday 4th April 2016 (Day 8 - The Dry Tortugas)

Florida - Tuesday 5th April 2016 (Day 9 - Homestead & Eagle Lakes)

Florida - Wednesday 6th April 2016 (Day 10 - Bunche Beach, Carlos Pointe & St. Petersburg)

Florida Trip Report (28th March - 9th April) - Species List and Locations

Florida Trip Report (28th March - 9th April) - Photo Gallery

Florida, America - 28th March - 9th April 2016

SOUTHERN PORTUGAL: 14th - 16th February 2016

Our short trip to the Algarve involved travelling along the southern tip of Portugal, covering Faro, Lagos, Aljezur, Monchique and Castro Verde with specific targets of Iberian Magpie, Great Bustard, Black-shouldered Kite, Bonelli's Eagle, Spanish Sparrow and Black-headed Weavers. We also targeted a 6th record for Portugal in the form of a Snowfinch at Ribeira de Aljezur, but unfortunately the bird had moved on before we arrived. 6 lifers and 94 species in total were seen during our 3 days in Southern Portugal, covering the 14th February 2016 -16th February 2016.

Southern Portugal - Sunday 14th February 2016 (Day 1 - Aljezur and Lagos)

Southern Portugal - Monday 15th February 2016 (Day 2 - Aljezur, Monchique and Lagos)

Southern Portugal - Tuesday 16th February 2016 (Day 3 - Castro Verde and Faro)

Southern Portugal Trip Report (14th February - 16th February) - Species List and Locations

Southern Portugal

NEW YORK, AMERICA: 21st-30th May 2015

Our trip to New York, America consisted of four main sites - Central Park, Prospect Park, Inwood Hill Park and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, as well as a day trips up to Niagara Falls and Doodletown. Due to timing our trip with the spring migration period, American Warblers featured heavily, with particular targets of Blackburnian Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Cerulean Warbler and Black and White Warbler.  101 lifers and 123 species in total were seen during our 10 days in New York, covering the 21st May 2015 – 30th May 2015. 

New York - Thursday 21st May 2015 (Day 1 - Central Park)

New York - Friday 22nd May 2015 (Day 2 - Central Park)

New York - Saturday 23rd May 2015 (Day 3 - Prospect Park)

New York - Sunday 24th May 2015 (Day 4 - Doodletown & Plumb Beach)

New York - Monday 25th May & Tuesday 26th May 2015 (Days 5 & 6 - Prospect Park, Green-wood Cemetery & Niagara Falls)

New York - Thursday 28th May 2015 (Day 8 - Inwood Hill Park)

New York - Friday 29th May 2015 (Day 9 - Jamaica Bay)

New York - Saturday 30th May 2015 (Day 10 - Central Park)

New York Trip Report (21st-30th May) - Species List and Locations

New York Trip Report (21st-30th May) - Photo Gallery

New York City, America - 21st May - 30th May 2015


SOUTHERN SPAIN: 12th-17th August 2014

Our trip around Southern Spain involved travelling along the southern tip of the country, incorporating Malaga, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Jerez and Sevilla with specific targets of White-rumped Swift, Red-necked Nightjar, White-headed Duck, Marbled Teal and Lesser Flamingo. 17 lifers and 109 species in total were seen during our 6 days in Southern Spain, covering the 12th August 2014 – 17th August 2014. 

Southern Spain - Tuesday 12th August 2014 (Day 1 - Malaga to Alcaidesa)

Southern Spain - Wednesday 13th August 2014 (Day 2 - Gibraltar)

Southern Spain - Thursday 14th August 2014 (Day 3 - Tarifa and Las Mesas de Chullera)

Southern Spain - Friday 15th August 2014 (Day 4 - Alcaidesa to Jerez)

Southern Spain - Saturday 16th August 2014 (Day 5 - Laguna de Medina)

Southern Spain - Sunday 17th August 2014 (Day 6 - Sevilla to Malaga)

Southern Spain Trip Report (12th-17th August 2014) - Species List and Locations

Southern Spain - 12th August - 17th August 2014

NORTHERN SPAIN: 13th-17th April 2014

Our trip to Northern Spain consisted travelling through Barcelona, Zaragoza and up in to the high Pyranees in search of Dupont’s Lark, Sandgrouse, Black Woodpeckers and the charismatic Wallcreeper.  41 lifers and 119 species in total were seen during our 5 days in Northern Spain, covering the 13th April 2014 – 17th April 2014.

Northern Spain - Sunday 13th April 2014 (Day 1 - Barcelona to Zaragoza)

Northern Spain - Monday 14th April 2014 (Day 2 - Zaragoza to Loporzano)

Northern Spain - Tuesday 15th April 2014 (Day 3 - Valle de Hecho to Pyranees)

Northern Spain - Wednesday 16th April 2014 (Day 4 - Loporzano to Zaragoza)

Northern Spain - Thursday 17th April 2014 (Day 5 - Zaragoza to Barcelona)

Northern Spain Trip Report (13th-17th April 2014) - Species List and Locations

Northern Spain - 13th April - 17th April 2014

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